Fungised is a new age enterprise. An eco-system to guide a vast array of visionary work, from conception to fruitful realisation. We are in the business of building a better world by catalysing transformational changes for customers, society and environment. Our chosen play is in the areas of Food & Beverages, Design, Circular Economy, Entrepreneurship. We do this by fusing modern technology and cutting edge design with market inclusive solutions. By believing in a better way of doing everything, Fungised is an enterprise driven by a strong potent dream. To connect the arc between individual experience and positive impact in ways that is collaborative, lean, innovative and disruptive. To live in the future now and design experiences that impact a billion people.

Experience + Impact.


Fungised stands for Future Design, it is a way of life for a greater good. Diligently building on every opportunity to promote self reliance through smart technology. Helping entrepreneurship flourish through a circular economy approach, always connecting the circle of life itself. We capture the essence of this philosophy in our logo, the ability to turn around and design our own futures. You see, at heart Fungised is about an entrepreneurial path to development, focusing on job creation, healthy living and equal opportunity. Fungised actively encourages stakeholder participation by setting the pace with a strong sense of purpose and creating experiences that lead to positive impact.

To Visualise. To Contextualise. To Galvanise.

To Energise. To Sensitise. To Epitomise.

To be Fungised.

Future designs for a sustainable world.


Food & Beverages

Integrating the Business of Food with Technological Advances and Engineering Breakthroughs

Robotics, Automation, IoT for Quick Service Restaurants, Experience Dining & Industrial Food Operations
Food Blockchains - Food Governance


Pushing the Boundaries of Creative Thought & Innovation in Design

Customer Experience Design - Industrial Design - Social Design - Environmental Design

Circular Economy

Building Eco-Friendly Busineses

Resources - Water - Energy - Waste


Evangelising and Promoting the Democratisation of Entrepreneurship

Ideas - Incubation - Scale-Ups - Access to Finance - Access to Markets - Access to Technology


Fungised is an eco system led by two Ultra Marathon Trail Runner friends who respect the forces of nature - Rajesh & Sasi.

Rajesh who is native of Kerala and grew up in Nagpur is a wanderer at heart, a happy go lucky individual with an infectious smile. He grew up as an expert in technology for the finance sector, first as a consultant and later with a large European bank. He played an important role in creating India’s first online banking application and this was before the heady days of the Internet. Working on architectures that would define how banks approach personalisation and leading teams that would deliver large scale solutions and programs. Along this journey as he moved to be an excellent leader of teams, he realised the need for a much larger canvas to truly make an impact in life.

Sasi originally hails from a small coastal town in Tamil Nadu. Thanks to his father’s defence career, he got to live around the country, exposed to different cultures and learning. Growing up around statrk social & economic disparities, he developed a hardened resolve to make a profound contribution to society some day. An engineering + management professional by education and a successful career in big 4 consultancy prepared him for entrepreneurship. This combined with an abiding interest in design technology and a concern for the environment shaped his desire to help build a better world.

Their mutual joy of running marathons and ultra marathons brought Rajesh & Sasi together. They began sharing their dreams of environmentally sustainable projects that would deliver social impact and create great customer experiences. They evaluated helping uplift the under-served through financial tools and platforms like micro finance, developing a sustainable model for economic self-sustenance. It was this journey of ideas that led to the genesis of Fungised, a fueling ground for entrepreneurship by collaboration and environment sensitive designs for a better future.

Office Location

B-52, ITI Ancillary Estate,
Mahadevpura, Whitefield Road,
Bengaluru - 560048